I love your art, can you paint another just like this for me?




Original artwork created for you.


When you request and pay an artist to create a specific piece of art for you.

Featured Commissions

Oil Portrait


9 X 12 Pen Medium Custom


Charcoal Portrait


Hand Drawn Illustrations


Custom Beach Painting


11 X 14 Work on Paper


Ink Drawing


Medium Charcoal Landscape Drawing


Acrylic Paintings Various Sizes


Large Abstract Watercolor Painting


Charcoal Portrait


House Painting


Bronze Bust


Watercolor Painting


Oil Painting on Panel


Collage Piece


Gouache Portrait


Abstract Resin+Wood Home Decor


9" X 12" Painting on Paper


Canvas Painting Commissions


Wool Painting


30 X 30 Abstract Painting on Canvas


Featured Artists

Roger Gordon

Brittany Rinear

Andrew Cortez

Faisal Warsani

Parrish Hoag

Rica Nelson

Brooke Hunter

Scott McCurdy

Ivan Camarena

Amy Stone

Laura Farabee

Matt Haley

Hogan Kimbrell

Shane McClatchey

Ava Bramlett

Taylor Cox

Victoria Yancey

Shannon Fody

Devon Walz

Devin Everitt

Nicole Young

Sean Youngs

Jo Anna Edmison

Kyra Hinton

Ryan Walsh

Ian Todreas

Soroush Moghim

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Real, beautiful artwork? All yours.

Easel makes real, original art affordable. You’re no longer limited to prints and reprints of reprints. Easel gives you the power to reach out to any artist you want and buy artwork made just for you, to your request, in the form of a commission.

Learn how Easel makes buying art easy

An art gallery, an art broker, and an artist walk into a bar.

Artists share their artwork on Easel and curate collections of their own work for display — all for free. Discover art straight from the artist with an interface that's beautiful and easy to use. It’s like a secret new art museum that you have all to yourself.

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Easel is all about convenience. Buying original art used to take wasted time, a pile of emails, and trying to figure out payment — but not anymore. Easel makes it as easy as saying "hello", paying securely online, and letting the artist do their magic.

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Simple pricing for artists

20% fee per commission

No monthly or hidden fees
Pay only when buyers commission you
Price calculator helps you make what you want


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Display artwork
Offer commissions
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