8X10 Inch Pet Portrait Acrylic Painting


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To own an original from Katharine, click “Request Commission” above. You’ll have a chance to send a message and describe what you’re looking for. This is a great opportunity to mention the pieces you liked while browsing Katharine’s Easel profile or anything special you need this to be, like made a certain size or finished by a certain day.

A special note from Katharine

Have a pet you love and adore? Want to express how much you care for your furry family member? Or maybe you want to memorialize one that you have lost? If so, a custom pet portrait is just for you. My style art is different than many others you will find. For several years, I have been using the reverse glass painting style in my artwork. This means the image is actually painted directly onto the glass surface and not on an actual canvas. Using photographs of animals, I portray them in my own bright and vibrant pieces. I love to capture the personality of the pet in hopes to display their individual charm. If you look closely at these example pieces, there are no outlines since I incorporate stippling (small dots) into all my finished products. I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoy making them.

If you are interested in ordering a portrait of one of your beloved pets, you can order a 8X10 inch painting here or you can look at my other size options elsewhere in my shop. I will admit this is my recommended size for it looks nice on a shelf or wall. They are also wonderful decorating a child's room or a nursery.

About Ordering and the Process:

1. Select some photos of your furry friend and contact me. I will give you some recommendations on selecting the perfect shots. Picking out a good photo will help me make sure the painting captures the personality of your fur baby.
2. Once I have your photographs, I will select my favorite and start turning your pet into a portrait worthy of him/her.
3. Your finished product will be mailed to you already framed.
4. The entire process takes up to three weeks depending on how many other paintings I have requested prior to the order.

Please Note:
Price includes shipping cost!!!!
Other sizes are available upon request.


I retain the copyright to all my paintings. I also will sell prints of my work. If you do not want me to use the painted portrait for merchandising let me know at time of order placement.

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8 x 10 inches

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3 weeks to complete

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