Once you’ve created an artist profile, you are ready to showcase your artwork.

Upload images of your best artwork. You can upload images of any art that you have created - this does not need to be limited to pieces you have completed for commissions. The more images you use, the better; buyers will get a better idea of your breath and style.

Read our tips for artists for help making your images look great.

How do I upload images of my artwork?

You can upload images of your artwork into collections and highlight your best artwork in your Spotlight.

Start by creating a collection. Then, upload images of your artwork to the collection. Finally, add your best artwork to your Spotlight.

How do I create a collection?

A collection is a group of images that you categorize with a name. To create a collection, click Edit Work on your Easel Profile or add /work to your Easel profile URL.

Click the New Collection area to create a new collection.

You can add artwork to a collection or remove artwork from a collection at any time. You can also rename or delete a collection at any time.

You cannot have two collections with the same name.

How do I add artwork to a collection?

Add artwork to a collection by going to collection’s page and clicking the Add Images area.

You can upload multiple images at once. You can upload images by selecting them manually or by dragging them into the Add Images area.

When uploading images of your artwork, make sure the images are already edited. On Easel, all artwork on your profile is visible to the public. There are no private, draft, or other editing or visibility-related settings for the artwork on your profile.

How do I move artwork from one collection to another?

Move a piece from one collection to another by clicking Edit when viewing the piece individually and changing the collection in the collection dropdown.

At this time, it is not possible to move multiple pieces between collections. Support for editing artwork in bulk is coming soon.

Are there any image requirements?

Easel supports JPEG images. Images must be at least 500 x 500px.

How do I add artwork to my Spotlight?

To add artwork to your Spotlight, click Edit Spotlight on your Easel profile or add /work/spotlight to your Easel profile URL. You will be able to add artwork from any of your collections.

You can have at most six (6) pieces in your Spotlight.

Add your best artwork to your Spotlight. Visitors will see artwork in your Spotlight right away when visiting your Easel profile. Artwork in your Spotlight is also what is displayed alongside your profile picture any time your profile is featured or shown in search.

You cannot upload artwork directly into Spotlight. Spotlight only allows adding artwork from other collections. For any artwork you would like to add to your Spotlight, first add that artwork to one of your collections and then add it to your Spotlight.