Commission Options

Once you’ve created an artist profile, you are ready to create commission options.

Commission options provide a simple interface for you to describe your availability and for buyers to know what you can create, and for how much, with just a glance.

Buyers will request to commission you through your commission options. Commission options are simply the commissions you are available for. A single commission option includes information about a commission, including its base price, expected working time, and references to similar artwork.

What does a commission option include?

Every commission option includes the following information:

How do I create a commission option?

To create a commission option, go to your profile and click New Commission Option. You will see this option on your profile after creating an artist profile.

How do I edit a commission option?

To edit a commission option, go to your profile, find the commission option you want to edit, and click Edit.

You can edit a commission option any time. When you receive a commission request for one of your commission options, the details of that commission option will be saved for that request as they were at the time of request.

Any time before you have accepted a request, you can make adjustments to the details of the commission, including the price. Use this ability to respond to special requests by offering changed details and an adjusted price.

How do I know what to use in a commission option?

We created commission options for you to be able to accept commissions by your own rules. Commission options give you an easy way to narrow down and articulate the commissions you would like to complete. Buyers viewing your profile and browsing your commission options will know what you can create, and for how much, with just a glance.

Before creating your first commission option, review our advice for each of the fields below.

Something like…

The “Something Like…” section gives you a way to connect the dots between the artwork on your profile and the artwork you want to create. For each commission option, you can add artwork from your collections to this section. When buyers browse your artwork and your commission options, they will see the artwork you added to “Something Like…”.

This gives buyers immediate visual references for how a commission might look.


You can select any medium as the medium of a commission. If a commission includes several mediums, select the most involved medium for the commission option and describe additional information in the “About” section.


You know your artwork better than anybody else. Select the sizes that work best for your artwork.

To avoid displaying too many options, commission options can display only a single size. If a buyer wants a bigger or smaller size, they can always ask for this in their request, and you can adjust the price for the request at the specified size.


Enter the number of weeks you need to complete a commission. You can always complete a commission in less time than you list, but you will be expected to complete the commission in the time you enter. Consider the time it will take you to gather supplies, create, let your medium dry, package, and ship the piece.

This should be between 1 and 12 weeks.


There are many factors to consider when pricing your commissions. We want to make sure you price your piece confidently and appropriately.

Use the Easel price calculator on the New Commission Option page to make sure you include your materials costs and shipping costs in your price. The Easel price calculator takes into account Easel’s 20% commission fee, and gives you a price that will let you make how much you want after all associated costs have been taken into account.