How it Works

Easel was built to help buyers discover your artwork and commission you, and to help you complete commissions with confidence and peace of mind.

Getting commissioned for your art is easy on Easel. All you need to do is…

  1. Display your artwork by uploading images to your Easel profile, organizing your artwork into collections, highlighting your best works in your spotlight. Add an artist bio and link to your social networks, and share your Easel profile with others to direct them to your digital gallery of artwork.

  2. Offer commissions and set the rules of your commissions. Easel makes it easy for others to commission you. Your existing fans and anybody potentially interested in your artwork can find you on Easel and any social networks where you share your Easel profile. Create commission options on your Easel profile. Receive buyer requests for commissions, and accept, modify or decline them - all on Easel.

  3. Get paid after completing a commission. Use Easel’s messaging system and payment platform to easily accept commission requests, calculate tax rates, and accept payments. Easel collects a 20% commission fee on commissions you accept and complete. If you complete a commission for $100, you would receive a final payout of $80.

For more information on how Easel protects artists in the commission process, check out our Buyer Protection Policy and Originality Policy. You can also read our FAQ for answers to common questions.