Easel manages the payments process from end-to-end. When a buyer commissions you, Easel accepts and processes their payment with any accepted payment method. When the commission is completed and the buyer has received the piece, you receive your payout.

Make sure to complete artist verification before accepting a commission so that your account is ready to receive payouts.

Payout Options

Easel supports payouts to connected bank accounts or debit cards. Only USD carrying bank accounts and US debit cards are currently supported. Support for more countries and currencies is coming soon.

You can edit your connected bank accounts by going to My Payout Options.

You can connect multiple bank accounts at once and mark one as your default. Your default bank account cannot be removed. To change your default bank account, add another bank account and select it as your default.


To help operate Easel’s platform and services, Easel charges a flat 20% commission fee on each completed commission.

For example, if you were to charge $100 for a commission, your total payout would be $80.