Shipping your Piece

As an artist, you know how best to protect and deliver your art. Once a commissioned piece is completed, the artist is responsible for its’ safe and timely delivery. Packaging and shipping costs should be included in the price of each commission option. Once you have finished creating your piece, the next step is to properly package and ship the piece to your client.


When packaging your piece, make sure you use sturdy materials. If a client receives your piece damaged, they can ask for a refund or a new piece.

Choosing a Carrier

With so many shipping carriers out there (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.), you can pick the one that works best for your needs. Maybe you already have a relationship with a carrier, or you want to try out a new one. In either case, make sure you use a reputable carrier to ensure your piece gets delivered safely, and on time.

Shipping Features

When shipping your piece, make sure to go with a reputable carrier. If the piece is delivered late or damaged, the artist is responsible. If a dispute arises between a buyer and an artist because of a late or damaged piece, Easel will check for a few things before deciding which actions to take.

As an artist, there are certain things you should do to protect yourself in the rare, but possible, scenario of a late or damaged piece. All shipping carriers offer different features to protect you in the off case a package isn’t delivered as expected, and you should take special care to opt in to these features in order to protect your art, and yourself.

  1. Manage expectations. When creating a commission option, include shipping time to your commission option’s timeline.
  2. Package smart. Package your piece with sturdy materials.
  3. Choose the right carrier. Choose a reputable shipping carrier.
  4. Get shipping insurance. If your piece arrives damaged because of the carrier’s negligence, you will get protected through this policy.
  5. Keep your tracking number. Know where your piece is and when it has been delivered.
  6. Make sure your piece is delivered to the right person. Request a signature upon delivery. If a piece is delivered to the wrong person, delivered late, or delivered damaged, Easel will request documentation of the six (6) aforementioned shipping features. If the piece was shipped without these features, Easel can not protect the artist if a buyer is unhappy with the delivery of their purchase.