How It Works

Easel helps you own original artwork, created just for you. On Easel you can commission artists with confidence and peace of mind.

Own an original piece of art in as little as three steps on Easel.

  1. Search and explore artists and artwork on Easel. Discover artists and narrow down results by medium, style, size, and more. Every artist has a profile where you can browse their artwork and request a commission.
  2. Request a commission from an artist you like. Easel makes this part easy by giving you and the artist a messaging platform to discuss what you want - without having to exchange any personal info. Easel helps you set clear expectations and include important details for your request, like if you’d like a piece with different dimensions than what is listed.
  3. Pay for the commission once the artist has accepted your request. Easel safely and securely processes payments online and holds the payment amount until you have received your commissioned piece. The artist gets paid only once you have confirmed delivery of the artwork.

For more information about Easel’s protections for buyers, check out Easel’s Buyer Protection Policy and Originality Policy. You can also read Easel’s FAQ for answers to common questions.