Fees & Payment

The price you see on Easel is the price you pay, plus applicable taxes. If you request a change to an existing commission option, the price may be updated to reflect your request. However, you will never be charged a new price unless you agree to it. And you will always be shown your final cost before paying.

Easel supports paying for commissions online, using the secure payment platform, Stripe.

Offline or cash payments are a violation of our Terms of Service and can result in the termination of your Easel account. We prohibit off-site payments because paying outside of Easel makes it impossible to protect you, your information, and your money if something goes wrong - and it puts you at risk of fraud and theft. If an artist asks you to pay outside of Easel, please let us know by sending a quick email to artists@easelforart.com.

When am I charged for a commission?

After the artist accepts your commission request. Once the artist accepts your commission request, you will be directed to a payment page where you can select your payment method to pay for the commission. You will be charged the entire amount at that time.

Easel holds your payment for the duration of the commission timeline. Once you have received your piece, you have 24 hours to contact the artist if your piece arrived different than expected. After that, the artist will get paid for their work. This hold gives both parties time to make sure that the commission went as expected.

Do I have to pay if I request a commission from an artist?

No. You can only pay for commission requests after they are accepted by the artist.

Do I have to pay if my commission request isn't accepted by the artist?

No. If your commission request is declined by an artist you do not have to pay for anything.

How is the price determined for my piece?

The total price of your piece is the artist’s commission rate plus applicable taxes and fees. You will be charged the full amount once an artist accepts your commission request.

Commission rates are decided by the artist themselves, and can be adjusted based on special requests. All price changes must be approved by a buyer on the commission request page before they can be applied to a commission. Additional taxes and fees include local taxes, which are taxes charged based on the artist’s location. A currency exchange fee may be charged for individuals paying in a currency other than USD. Please check with your payment provider to see any applicable fees.

What payment methods does Easel accept?

Easel currently supports the following payment options. More payment options may be supported in the future.

How do I add or remove a payment method?

You can add and remove payment methods at any time by going to Settings> Payment Methods.

Can I change my payment method?

No. Once a commission is paid for, you cannot change your payment method. But you can change your default payment method at any time by going to Settings> Payment Methods.

Can I use more than one payment method to pay for a commission?

No, Easel cannot split your commission cost across multiple payment methods. To make a commission, you'll need to make your payment with a single payment method.

Can I pay with any currency?

No. All payments are charged and accepted in USD. At this time, it is not possible to manually choose which currency you'll use to pay.

The currency in which you will be charged (USD) will be clearly displayed before you pay for your commission piece.

Third-party fees

If you pay in a currency that’s different from the designated currency of your payment method, your provider or third-party payment processor may apply a currency conversion rate or fees to your payment. Contact your provider (for example, your credit or bank card issuer) for information on what fees may apply, since they’re not controlled by Easel.

Cross-border fees

If you see extra fees on your bank statement or the amount charged differs from what you have seen on the checkout page, contact your provider. If your bank considers Easel's processing entity international, you may be charged cross-border fees by your bank even if the charge was processed in the native currency of your payment method. If the fees were added by your card-issuing bank, Easel cannot refund them.

Currency view

At this time, you can only view Easel listings in USD.

Why is my credit card getting declined?

Credit cards can be declined for a number of reasons. Easel is not notified of the specific reason.

Common issues include entering an incorrect credit card number or billing address, availability of funds, and card expiration. If you're getting an error when you try to pay, we recommend reaching out to your bank or credit card company for more information. Inform them of the amount and time at which you attempted to make the charge so they can let the transaction go through.

Can I cancel a commission I made accidentally?

On Easel, it is hard to request a commission on accident. However, it may happen on occasion, so you may cancel a commission request at any time before you pay. Once you submit your payment information, cancelling a commission is no longer possible as the artist may have already begun working on your piece. Easel's Cancellation Policy is set in place to ensure artists are adequately protected and compensated for their time and work.

Why is the commission rate higher than what was on the commission option?

Because of a change request. If you submit a commission request with a request for extensive changes or diversions from the original commission option, the artist can choose to submit a price modification on the commission request page. You will then be able to view the proposed price change, and must accept the price change before it is reflected in the commission price. Your commission price will never be higher than shown in the commission option unless you have approved the change.

What if an artist asks for more money?

Contact us. All pricing information is included when you request a commission using Easel, and all payments should be done on Easel; never pay an artist directly for these charges. You should keep all payment transactions on Easel because Easel can not help with any issues related to off-site or cash payments. After payment, an artist should never ask you for more money. If they do, please email support@easelforart.com.