When using Easel, you may see a few terms you haven’t used before. Below is a list of common terms used throughout the site, and what they mean on Easel.


A digital platform that helps you find and commission artists. / A digital platform that helps you showcase and create your artwork.


When you request and pay an artist to create an original piece of art for you.


Pro·file The profile of an Easel user, specified by a unique username. Shows basic information such as name, city, and has a profile photo and any linked social accounts. Can be found by going to

Art·ist Pro·file The profile of an Easel artist, also specified by a unique username. The only difference between a regular profile and an artist profile is a showcase of the artists’ work, and extra information about the artist themselves.

Piece A digital image of an artist’s work. Used to showcase an artists’ emotions, ideas, and everything in between. Each specific piece may have a few details:

Col·lec·tions Groups of pieces, put together by the artist based off of some commonality. Pieces may be organized into a collection based off of their mediums, subjects, sizes, or anything else the artist wants. Pieces can only be in one collection at a time.

Spot·light A collection highlighting an artist’s best work. This is displayed at the top of an artist’s profile.

Work The totality of all pieces on an artist’s profile. Gives a visual overview of the different pieces created by an artist, and the different collections they have.

Com·mis·sion Op·tion The type of art you can commission an artist for. If you don’t see an option that matches what you are looking for, you can always explain how what you want differs from the commission option, in your commission request.

Com·mis·sion Re·quest A request sent to an artist asking if you can commission a piece from them. In other words, a request to see if they can and will create a work of art specifically for you.

My Com·mis·sions Where to find all past and current commission requests and the accompanying message history, as both a buyer or an artist.

Set·tings Where to find and adjust anything related to your Easel account. This includes your profile information, your timezone, and your payment methods.